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Cesium Version 1.27 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Cesium 1.27. Highlights include

  • A slew of bug fixes throughout the codebase thanks to the Cesium Bug Bash.
  • A new HeadingPitchRoll class for making it easier to work with object orientations.
  • Improved KML compatibility.

For the full list of changes, see the change log.



  • The first annual Cesium Bug Bash was a great success, with 42 opened pull requests and 33 closed issues.
  • The Cesium team was very involved with FedGeoDay, including presenting talks, chairing the program, emceeing sessions, and sponsoring the conference. Slides for the Cesium-related talks are up on our presentations page.

Patrick Cozzi at FedGeoDay. Thanks to Eddie Pickle for the image.

Matt Amato speaking on 3D Tiles at FedGeoDay.

Matt Lammers speaking on "Interactive Visualization of Satellite (and Other) Data Online Using Cesium" at FedGeoDay.

  • Slides are up from the presentation on NORAD Tracks Santa at the Philadelphia stop of the LocationTech Tour.

Hannah Pinkos speaking on "Tracking Santa with open source software" at LocationTech. Thanks to @GeoPHL for the image.


We have seven new showcases up on our demos page.






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