Cesium at SIGGRAPH 2016


SIGGRAPH is next week! The conference, July 24–28 in Anaheim, California, will cover all things graphics. Be sure to add these Cesium-related events to your schedule:


ACM SIGGRAPH Cartographic Visualization (Carto) Birds of a Feather
   Monday, 25 July, 1:30 pm–3:00 pm, Anaheim Convention Center, ACM SIGGRAPH Theater, Hall C

Sean Lilley will present the latest news on Cesium and 3D Tiles.

Tom Fili speaking about Cesium and 3D Tiles at SIGGRAPH 2015.


Virtual Globes Using WebGL and Cesium
   Tuesday, 26 July, 10:30 am–12:00 pm, Anaheim Convention Center, Room 203 B

This Birds of a Feather (BOF) is the Cesium event of the year!

  • Organizer Tom Fili, Cesium
  • Cesium State of the Union, by Patrick Cozzi, Cesium
  • Visualization of Geoinformation: History and Future Trends of Projects at Fraunhofer IGD (… and Why We Love Cesium), by Ralf Gutbell, Fraunhofer
  • Making Drone Data Useful in Cesium, by Chris Cooper, Propeller
  • Publishing Reality Meshes to Web from Bentley ContextCapture using Cesium 3D Tiles, Makai Smith, Bentley
  • Baking AO in the glTF Pipeline, by Gary Li, Cesium
  • Visualizing Geostationary Satellite Orbits in Cesium, by Ed Mackey, Analytical Graphics, Inc.

Patrick Cozzi speaking at the Cesium BOF for SIGGRAPH 2015.


WebGL & glTF BOF
   Wednesday, 27 July, 1:00 pm–2:30 pm

Sean Lilley will be running the latest Cesium and 3D Tiles demo.

Khronos After Party
   Wednesday, 27 July, 6:00 pm–9:00 pm, Ballroom A

Sarah Chow will have a tabletop running the latest Cesium WebVR demos.

A glimpse of what we'll have at the Khronos party.

Hannah Pinkos showing a Cesium demo at SIGGRAPH 2015.

Bonus Talks ...

You also won’t want to miss:

Teaching Computer Graphics Inside a Browser: WebGL and Three.js
   Sunday, 24 July, 4:00 pm–5:15 pm, Anaheim Convention Center, Room 201 D

Patrick Cozzi, Ed Angel, Dave Shreiner, and Eric Haines will discuss teaching with WebGL and Three.js.

And if you’ll be attending the co-located Web3D on you can catch this Cesium talk:

The Open Cesium 3D Tiles Specification: Bringing Massive Geospatial 3D Scenes to the Web
    Saturday, July 23, 4:30 pm–6:00 pm

Patrick Cozzi and Sean Lilley will present a deep technical introduction to 3D Tiles, with a focus on the Cesium implementation and designing efficient spatial data structures for streaming diverse datasets.

If you’d like to meet up with the Cesium folks during the conference, let me know so we can set up a time.


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