Sarah Chow joins the Cesium team


Sarah Chow has joined the Cesium team as a freelance editor, with special focus on polishing the Cesium Blog and our demos and showcases.

A graduate of Brigham Young University with an MA in English, Sarah has 5 years of experience in publishing computer graphics books at A K Peters and CRC Press, where she worked as an acquisition editor. Her primary tasks were seeking and collaborating with experts in the fields of computer graphics and visualization, including Kevin Ring and I, whom she worked with on our book, 3D Engine Design for Virtual Globes, which was influential in Cesium’s launch. Sarah has edited a variety of books used as references and at universities worldwide, and has attended numerous conferences, including SIGGRAPH and IEEE VIS. She likes nothing better than crafting clear, concise writing.

Learn more about Sarah at her LinkedIn page.

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