Cesium BOF at SIGGRAPH 2015


You are invited to the annual Cesium BOF at SIGGRAPH to learn about the latest Cesium development and community news. This is the Cesium event of the year! There will be Cesium swag and WebGL Insights giveaways.

Virtual Globes Using WebGL and Cesium

Tuesday, August 11, 2015, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Los Angeles Convention Center
Room 512

Introduction and Cesium Updates
Matt Amato, AGI

A brief introduction to Cesium and the latest news on features and community growth directly from the Cesium development team.

Community Demos
Hannah Pinkos, AGI

Rapid fire demos of the best Cesium apps that we are aware of across all markets.

Using Cesium Terrain in a Native Mobile Toolkit
Steve Gifford, Mousebird Consulting

WhirlyGlobe-Maply is a native mobile open source toolkit for iOS and Android devices. It’s used in popular apps like Dark Sky, National Geographic World Atlas, and any number of aviation and aerospace apps. WG-Maply and Cesium are both open source toolkits with overlapping functionality, though focused on different markets. We’ve been interested in collaborating for some time and reusing the Cesium Terrain service provided an opportunity. This talk will discuss how that preliminary work went.

Cesium at NICTA
Kevin Ring, NICTA

We’ll show some of the exciting Cesium-based projects happening a NICTA, including the open source TerriaJS platform that is the basis of Australia’s National Map, tools for exploring 3D views synthesized from multiple photos, and, of course, the latest features in Doarama.

3D Tiles
Patrick Cozzi, AGI

A short technical introduction to the formats, data structures, and algorithms used in Cesium’s upcoming streaming 3D buildings feature.

While we’re waiting for this year’s BOF, check out the slides from last year.

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