Cesium Version B22 Released


Cesium version b22 is now available for download.

Highlights for this release include:

  • Added a Geocoder widget to Cesium Viewer and applications that use the Viewer widget. With this new widget, users can type an address or the name of a landmark and Cesium will zoom to that location.

New Geocoder widget.
  • Added a GoogleEarthImageryProvider for accessing imagery on a Google Earth Enterprise server. Thanks to Caleb Morse and Dave Hite for the contribution!
  • Added visualization of the Moon, and added IauOrientationAxes for computing the Moon’s orientation.

The moon.
  • Added Material.translucent property. Set this property or Appearance.translucent for correct rendering order. Translucent geometries are rendered after opaque geometries.
  • Added enableLighting, lightingFadeOutDistance, and lightingFadeInDistance properties to CentralBody to configure lighting.

Day/night lighting.
  • Added Billboard.setTranslucencyByDistance, Label.setTranslucencyByDistance, DynamicBillboard.translucencyByDistance, and DynamicLabel.translucencyByDistance to control minimum/maximum translucency based on camera distance.

Distance-based label and billboard translucency.
  • Added PolylineVolumeGeometry and PolylineVolumeOutlineGeometry.

Polyline volume geometry.

For a full list of changes, see the change log.

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